Take Your Medicine

TAKE YOUR MEDICINE – How to be a Savvy Consumer



Module Topic Broadcast Date
Week 1 Module 1.1


Overview & the Drug Development Process

Course Overview

Meet the TYM Team

How New Drugs are Developed

October 26, 2015
Week 1 Module 1.2 Impact of Medical Innovations on Outcomes

The Impact of Medical Innovations

Patient Stories: My Diagnosis

The Value of Drug Products

Why Drugs Cost So Much – Overview

October 26, 2015
Week 2 Module 2.1 Drug Treatments, Regulations and Safety

Patient Stories: My Treatments

FDA Speaks: Protecting Consumers, Regulations

Drug Safety and Drug Risks


November 2, 2015
Week 2 Module 2.2


The High Cost of Drugs

Why Drugs Cost So Much – the details

Manufacturing Safe Medicines

Drug Scale Up  & Manufacture, Drug Recalls

FDA and Manufacturing Executive Perspectives

November 2, 2015
Week 3 Module 3.1


From Generics to Personalized Medicine

Generic Drug Products

The Promise of Personalized medicine

November 9, 2015
Week 3 Module 3.2 Counterfeit Medicines

Counterfeit Issues and Trends

Is it Safe to Buy Drugs Online?

Protecting Yourself

November 9, 2015
Week 4 Module 4.1 Inside the Pharmacy: How Pharmacists are Good for your Health

Field Trip: Inside Tarrytown Pharmacy

Managing Your Health

Role of Pharmacists


November 16, 2015
Week 4 Module 4.2


Being an Informed Patient

Taking Medicine as Directed

Patient Story: Following Directions


November 16, 2015
Week 4 Module 4.3 The Importance of University Research

Universities and New Medicines

Your Role to Better Health

Being Informed Patients

Talking to Healthcare Providers

Over the Counter Products

Course Wrap Up


November 16, 2015